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RKDFIST presents.....SANCHARAN'06.....The Mega annual event of the institute is back!!! Entries are open, register online or visit the college campus.


                    The competetions which come under Touchstone are:


Entry Fees:   Rs. 400  (per team)

Table Tennis

The Table Tennis competition is divided into singles and doubles.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 150 (for single) & Rs. 200  ( for doubles)


There will be different competitions for Males and Females. Entries can be in in both single as well as doubles.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 150  (for single) & Rs.200 ( for doubles.)

Treasure Hunt

In this event, treasure in the form of small pieces will be hidden all over the RKDF campus. The participating teams will be provided with a map of the whole campus and a list of clues, using which, the teams would have to search for the hidden treasures. The team which succeed to find most no. of treasures will be awarded with the First prize.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 100  (per team)

LAN Gaming

The games which will be conducted are:

  • Counter Strike (Team of 5)
  • NFS Underground (Single)
  • Unreal Tournament (Single)

Entry Fees:  Rs. 50 ( per head)


Chess....the game of the intellects. No further description is needed!
Entry Fees:  Rs. 100


Entry Fees:  Rs. 100

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