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RKDFIST presents.....SANCHARAN'06.....The Mega annual event of the institute is back!!! Entries are open, register online or visit the college campus.


                    The competetions which come under Prodigy are:

Song (solo)

The songs chosen for this contest can be in either Hindi/English. The Participant will have to perform in front of live audience. The orchestra for the music will be available for the participants.
Entry Fees:   Rs. 100

Song (duet)

In this competition, the participants (the team of a boy and a girl), will have to have to perform in front of the crowd.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 150


Solo Dance
Entry Fees:  Rs. 200  (For a single entry)

Group Dance
This competition is open for dance groups having 2 or more members.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 300  (for a team of 6. In case of extra members, Rs.50/head will be charged)

Comic Event

This competetion is for those people, who can make people laugh. If you have the talent of being funny enough to entertain the crowd, then register for this contest.
Entry Fees:  Rs. 50

Best of Bands

If you have a ROCK BAND and know that you can make people dance to your tunes, if you want to showcase your works and bring your band to light, then register now!
Entry Fees:  Rs. 500


Colarz is a state level painting competition. The sheet for the paintings will be provided by the organizers, however, participants will have to bring their own colors. The Topics are:

  • Natural Scenes
  • Natural Calamities
  • Peace and Joy
  • Current Affairs
  • Problems related to society
  • Festivals

  • Entry Fees:  Rs. 50

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