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RKDFIST presents.....SANCHARAN'06.....The Mega annual event of the institute is back!!! Entries are open, register online or visit the college campus.


What is Sancharan?

Sancharan is the Annual Cultural / Technical and Sports Festival of R.K.D.F. Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal. Sancharan has become the foremost event of its kind enjoying the participation of high no. of students and faculty from all over the state. Sancharan includes a wide range of events For details about the previous Sancharans that have been, please go through the lookbacks. Sancharan'06 will be held from 1st - 3rd november 2006. We invite you to share our dream and realize its fruition with us.

What is the rough structure of competitions at Sancharan?

Competitions at Sancharan are designed keeping in mind the diverse interests of students in different fields. This year we have categorised competitions into three major sections. These are

How can I reach R.K.D.F.?

R.K.D.F is located along the National Highway No.12, hoshangabad Road, merely about 4 kilometers from the Barkatulla University. It is well connected with the city as mini-buses and other public transports commute at regular intervals.

What are the arrangements for refreshments during Sancharan?

Refreshments will not be provided during Sancharan. However, all snacks and drinks will be available in the canteen at reasonable prices.

Can students of institutes apart from engineering colleges also take part in Sancharan?

Students from all institutes, engineering and other colleges are invited at Sancharan 2006. students are welcome to attend Sancharan, either as participants or visitors.

Can one person participate in more than one competition?

Yes, a person can participate in any number of competitions by registering for them online on our website or on the college campus.

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